Gambling Law – Live & Online Gambling Laws

There have been many changed to gambling law around the world in the last few years. Recently several states in the USA have passed pro gambling laws. This news blog will cover the latest changes in both live and online gambling laws.  Legal US casinos are expected online by 2015. Most countries already have laws that legalize and regulate some forms of online gambling. Gambling laws in the USA are currently at the center of attention so I will be focusing on that. New gambling laws in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have opened the way for online poker rooms and online casinos to operate legally within their borders. Many other U.S. states are currently in the process of changing their online gambling laws to allow Internet poker, casino gambling and even sports betting. The top USA friendly casinos in 2014 and USA friendly poker sites in 2014 will be featured on this site. I wish B&M casinos had non deposit casino bonuses but only online casinos do, and not very many of them according to

U.S. Gambling Law In 2014

This site is still in the development phase so I don’t have a lot of information to share with you. I will give you an overview of U.S. gambling laws in 2014 and provide some resource links to external web sites that cover online gambling law in the USA in 2014. Safe online casinos USA in 2014 are not restricted to those few with licensed casinos. Millions of Americans gamble at USA friendly casinos in 2014 without a problem. Here is a list of US states with legal poker and casino gambling in 2014:

  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey

US States expected to legalize online poker and casino gambling in 2014:

In 2014 legal US poker sites are expected to double in number.

USA Bingo Online In 2014

Online bingo is probably the only kind of gambling that isn’t demonized in the USA. There are many USA bingo sites in 2014. Click the previous link to  learn how to claim $75 instantly at three U.S. bingo sites via three $25 no deposit bonus offers in 2014.

Unlicensed Online Gambling Sites That Accept Americans

The few licensed Internet poker sites in 2014, USA online sportsbooks and online USA casinos in 2014 are only open to those people in live in the state. For instance, only Nevada residents can gamble at Ultimate Poker and only resident’s of New Jersey can gamble at Borgata Poker. So right now only a tiny percentage of Americans can play online poker or gamble at a casino for real money at a licensed site. As you may know online gambling – poker in particular – is a very popular activity in the United States of America and it has been so for almost a decade. Every day there are millions of U.S. citizens who visit a US poker site, casino or sportsbook and place bets for real money. The licensed US poker sites in 2014 are basically too small to impact the market. A US friendly poker room like Bovada Poker has thousands of players at the tables at any given time while the state-backed US poker rooms have only a few dozen players. Where would you rather play? Here